Advancing into the next academic year

  • In order for a student to advance into the next academic year, he/she needs to have at least the minimum amount of credits by the time when the summer examination period comes to an end.

  • The required minimum amount of credits is 50 each academic year. The standard amount of credits is 60 each academic year.

  • Another requirement is to pass all the required mandatory courses. The rules state that each student has 2 units of study (1 unit being the academic year) to fulfill any mandatory course/examination.

CŽV - Life-long Education program

Proceed to the List of all CŽV programs at the Faculty of Humanities.

Basic information:

  • When applying for CŽV you are not becoming a student therefore you will not have student status and all its privileges (confirmation of study, discounts for public transportation, etc.).

  • If you want to make use of the SIS or Faculty's library you will need to get so-called "External visitor card" at one of the Card Centres in Prague.

  • Provided you gained some credits during your CŽV program you can transfer them later to your actual study if those credits are for courses with the final mark 1 or 2.

Acknowledgement of courses from your previous study

Contact person:

Bc. Veronika Kučabová


Office No.: 2.23 (Pátkova 2137/5, Praha 8 - Libeň)

Form of study

Your program is a full-time program and as no alternative exists there is no chance to change the form of study.


  • All graduates have the student status right up until the day of graduation meaning the day when the student will successfully pass the State examination along with the BA thesis defense.

  • Your program is a full-time program and as no alternative exists there is no chance to change the form of study.

    • Passed the State exam along with the BA thesis defense on the first try.

    • Both the State exam and BA thesis defense were finished with mark 1.

    • The study average of marks received throughout the whole study has to be 1.5 per maximum.

  • The graduation ceremony usually takes place 3 times a year (April, September, November) after the graduation itself. Graduates will receive their diploma at the ceremony.

  • Graduates are expected to come formally dresses for the occasion of the graduation ceremony. Friends and family members are expected to sit tight at the ceremony refraining from clapping and moving around while trying not to disturb the ceremony.

  • If graduates need an official confirmation of graduation even before the graduation ceremony takes place they can ask for it at the Student Administration office. The same goes for graduates that for some reason cannot be present at the ceremony. They need to inform the Office about it beforehand.

Individual Curriculum

You can request an individual curriculum under exceptional and extraordinary circumstances. An individual curriculum allows you to modify your study plan and requirements in well-founded situations.

All details regarding individual curriculums can be found in the Code of study and examination, Article 5,(14), (15), (16), (17).

The official request must be made through the Student Administration office by submitting a filled-in form either in person (during the office hours) or by post. You can also submit it anytime to the faculty mailbox (right next to the Study Administration Office in 1.01).

Contact person:



Phone: +420 224 271 463, +420 224 271 465

Office No.: 1.01 (Pátkova 2137/5, Praha 8 - Libeň)

IT systems

There are several IT systems you will be using during your time at the Faculty of Humanities:

  • SIS (Student Information System) - The main system of the University

    • Enrolling into courses

    • Enrolling into the next academic year

    • Tuition fee details

    • Checking your marks and credits

    • Personal schedule and more

  • Moodle - Sources and study materials system

    • Same login as in the SIS

    • Submitting essays

    • Downloading some online literature and study materials

  • CAS (Central Authorization System) - Main gate into the systems

    • Setting and changing password into all the systems

  • Webové aplikace UK - External applications system

    • Applying for Accommodation scholarship

    • Applying for Erasmus

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