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Humanities exam is one of the two parts of State Final Exam. It is held right after the first part, Bachelor Thesis Defense. It lasts approximately 20 minutes. The form of the exam varies according to the year in which the student started studying (study plan).

Registration for the Humanities exam

State Final Exam - step by step manual

You register not for a specific date, but for the period in which you want to complete the SFE in a given semester. The periods are always set in the academic year schedule and are three (January / February, May / June, September).

The deadlines for registration into the SIS are always announced at least two months before the deadline for submitting the thesis and the application for the SFE. You will be informed about the exact date of your defense after the examining committees have been set up at least 3 working days before the defense.

Registration is done in SIS: Click on the icon "Final exams". In "Detail" you will see the list of exams. You must sign in to all the parts of the SFE - Bachelor Thesis Defense and Humanities Exam. For each exam, click on "Announced Exam Dates" and register them.

After registration, the option to print the application for SFE will appear there (in "Detail"). It´s needed to either send it by post (Pátkova 2137/5, 182 00 Praha 8 - Libeň) or throw to the Faculty mailbox (next to the office 1.01) in envelope with name of your secretary and study program. The application needs to be delivered by the deadline for submission of bachelor thesis. Before submitting, make sure all information on the application is correct (especially department, field of study and title of the thesis in English).

Study plan SHVAJ17 - Students who began their studies in September 2017 and 2018

The exam should prove that you are able to combine all your knowledge that has been attested by the respective comprehensive examinations into one united perspective of the entire study.

The examination will be based on the list of literature that you studied, which should be submitted together with the application for the Final State Examination. The list of references/literature must contain:

  • at least 6 relevant titles you had prepared for the comprehensive examination in European History in Contexts

  • at least 7 relevant titles you had prepared for the comprehensive examination in Philosophical Anthropology

  • all titles relevant to the first part of Comprehensive Exam in Social Sciences (7 titles is the minimum)

  • at least one title relevant to the comprehensive examination in English Competence.

A title is considered “relevant” if it was applicable for the respective comprehensive examination that you passed. A “title” may be a book, part of a book or an article that could be claimed as a separate item on the list of relevant literature for the respective comprehensive examination. You can find the list of literature form here.

Study plan SHVAJ19 - Students who began their studies in September 2019 and later

This part of the state examination is interdisciplinary in nature and assumes the students' ability to combine, compare and creatively use the knowledge acquired by taking the core theoretical courses (especially Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to European History, Comprehensive Exam in Philosophy, Comprehensive Exam in Social Sciences and Comprehensive Exam in European History) and the compulsory elective courses.

Students should prepare a presentation that should demonstrate their ability to work in the various fields they have been exposed to while studying Liberal Arts and Humanities. Therefore, they will prepare a professionally relevant topic that they will present from a different perspective than their field of specialization (i.e., the field in which they are writing their thesis).

Thus, for example, a student writing a sociology thesis on unemployment should present an interpretation from the field of history or psychology, with

a student writing a thesis in moral philosophy would prepare an account of developmental psychology, etc.

The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. It is recommended to consult the topic in advance with the thesis supervisor, the lecturers in the relevant fields or the programme supervisor.

Three days prior to the state examination, students will submit a presentation file in a standard format (e.g. *.ppt) and separately a list of the literature used to prepare the presentation. The list of literature should include at least 5 relevant titles (books or articles). The presentation and the list of literature are to be submitted by email to the secretary of the study programme no later than 3 days before the exam.

The on-site oral presentation will be evaluated on the ability to argue in the perspective of the field, use of relevant literature and argumentation, overall treatment of the topic, persuasiveness of the presentation, ability to answer questions and lead discussion. It is also recommended not to exceed the given time of fifteen minutes.

When evaluating the student, the commitee shall take into account their orientation in individual discourses of social sciences and humanities, ability to answer the committee's questions, and their ability to coherently speak on relevant academic topics.

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