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Courses in summer term of academic year 2023/2024

YBAJ166 Extracurricular Internship (Winter and summer)
YBFC141 Socratic Dialogues - English, German (Winter and summer)

Extracurricular Internship

Code: YBAJ166 Lecturer: Wladyniak,L.
Semester: Winter and summer Language: English
ECTS credits: 3
Schedule: see Student Information System
Credits are granted upon application and confirmation of internship. Granting credits is not claimable. The adequacy of internship must be consulted and approved before its beginning.

Socratic Dialogues - English, German

Code: YBFC141 Lecturer: Novotný,J. + Winklerová,L.
Semester: Winter and summer Language: English
ECTS credits: 3
Schedule: without the schedule or the schedule has not been defined yet
An intensive specialised discussion seminar focused especially on ethics. This is based on analysis of the participants' specific life experience in order to reach common answers on basic ethical questions. The typical questions concerned are as follows: What is responsibility? What are limits of tolerance? What is freedom? The course is held in the German and English language.Seminars take place:Frýdlant 5. - 7. 4. 2024 Czech and EnglishFrýdlant 29. 8. - 1. 9. 2024 Czech and EnglishPraha 9. - 10. 11. 2024 Czech and EnglishPlease fill in your application here: https://www.socraticdialogue.org/en/seminars/WE DON´T OFFER AN ONLINE VERSION OF THIS COURSE.

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